The Croxley Master and Other Tales of the Ring and Camp
The Spiritual Life: Studies in the Science of Religion
Natural Theology
Curious Church Customs and Cognate Subjects
Elder Conklin and Other Stories
A Year in the Fields: Selections from the Writings of John Burroughs
The Reason Why
Alfred the Great: Containing Chapters on His Life and Times
The Real Palestine of Today
Notes, Critical and Practical on the Book of Liviticus: Designed as a General Help to Biblical Reading and Instruction
The Honorable Percival
The Rover Boys on Land and Sea: Or the Crusoes of Seven Islands
Una and the Red Cross Knight and Other Tales from Spensers Faery Queene
Mexico Under Carranza: A Lawyers Indictment of the Crowning Infamy of Four Hundred Years of Misrule
Poems for Odd Fellows and Rebekahs
Self Training
Francis and Dominic and the Mendicant Orders
Creative Prayer
The History of Initiation of the Rites and Ceremonies of the Secret and Mysterious Institutions of the Ancient World
The Punishment and Prevention of Crime
The Artists Married Life: Being That of Albert Durer
Baconian Essays
Paths to Power
Murdering God: The Science of Obtaining Health
The Odd Number: Thirteen Tales by Guy de Maupassant
Introductory Hebrew Grammar: Hebrew Syntax
Haunted Places in England
Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters
The Peace Negotiations of 1782 and 1783: An Address Delivered Before the New York Historical Society on Its Seventy-Ninth Anniversary
Jesus and Modern Life
Dante V1: The Divina Commedia and Canzionere
The Evolution of Religion: An Anthropological Study
The Tournament: Its Periods and Phases
The Doctrine of the Heart and Path of Discipleship
Golden Grains from Lifes Harvest Field
A Sect That Moved the World: Three Generations of Clapham Saints and Philanthropists
The Apocrypha
As David and the Sibyls Say
Master Mind Magazine, April 1918 to September 1918
The Dramatic Works of John Webster V3
The American Slave Trade: An Account of Its Origin, Growth and Suppression
Angels Wings: A Series of Essays on Art and Life
The Works of the Reverend William Law V9
Ten Englishmen of the Nineteenth Century
The Stories of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata: The Great Indian Epics 1899
Joseph Ward of Dakota
Soldiers and Sailors: Great Men and Famous Women V1
William the Second: As Seen in Contemporary Documents and Judged on Evidence of His Own Speeches
Christ in Art
The Journal of Colonel George Washington, Commanding a Detachment of Virginia Troops

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